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Mahou Shoujo Stills Icontest

Mahou Shoujo Still Icontest
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Welcome to mahougirlstills, an icon contest community for icons featuring mahou shoujo!

But what is "mahou shoujo"?

Mahou shoujo series are defined here as manga/anime-style magical girl shows, magical girl being the Sailor Moon-type series involving magical transformations. This leaves all nationalities open, but not to things like WITCH or Winx Club since they are not anime/manga-style.
Characters allowed besides the magical girls themselves (and their counterparts) are the boys that are part of or connected to the magical girl team, and their counterparts. Villains and mascots are also allowed.

If a series has been adapted into a live-action or otherwise non-anime/manga show or series, characters from that series may be used providing the adaptation is official.

Exceptions for characters iconned is when the moderator creates a challenge that specifically allows for outside (minor or otherwise not directly involved the the magical girls) characters.

Exceptions in series are Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura, which, though they are not conventional, are still magical girl series.

01. Only mahou shoujo in your icons! (of course)
02. No animated icons!! Why do you think we call it mahougirlstills?
03. Icons must be LJ compatible. No bigger than 100x100 pixels, less than 40 kb.
04. The icons you enter in the contests need to be no older than 7 days old. Show us your latest work! :)
05. One (1) icon per contest per person please, unless otherwise stated!
06. Do not showcase your contest entries before the contest or tell your friends to vote for you! It's not fair to everyone else because not everyone gets the same amount of publicity.
07. No fanart please. Art theivery is rampant online, and it would be more work for us to verify that every fanart submission is yours or that you have permission. So just stick to official art please! :)
08. To go along with the above rule, only submit YOUR OWN icons! It's a contest of skill, so use your own skills! Wouldn't a win be much more satisfactory that way?
09. Don't vote for yourself! If everyone did that, we'd never have a winner!
10. Please be nice to moderators, banner-makers, and other members. And if you don't win, please don't be a sore loser.
11. Follow all the above rules! Otherwise, we'll have to ban you. And you wouldn't want that, would you? ^^

Every Friday, around 6 PM EST (3PM PST), a new theme will be posted. You will have until the next Friday to create and submit your icon. Plese submit them with the following format:

Icon URL

For example:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon//Sailor Moon

Simple as that! :) You can also include font and brush credits, so that in the case of winning, it will be easier for the bannermakers.

When voting, please comment on the voting post with the following format:

1: #06
2: #02
3: #12
SC: #01

'SC' stands for Special Category (such as best color, best text, etc.), which will be determined during the voting process. If there aren't enough icons (5 or less) there will be no special category for the week. If there are 8 or more icons, there will also be a Mod's Choice category.

Contest results will be posted on either Sunday night or Monday.

S=submit, V=vote, W=winners, B=banners

Winners 1-25 can be found HERE (Updated every 5 weeks)

26:With You::S::V::W(obakehoshi)::B
27:Lyrical - Ai no Senshi::S::V::W::B

Sort through our entries by category/subject here!

To suggest a theme, go here!

Moderator -- xx_lotus_xx (Lotus or Lo-chan)
Co-Moderator -- selene_moon (Kayt-chan)


Weeks 1-19: -Complete-
Week 20 - -Complete-
Week 21 - -Complete-
Week 22 - -Complete-
Week 23 - -Complete-
Week 24 - -Complete-
Week 25 - -Complete-
Week 26 - xx_lotus_xx
Week 27 - -Complete-
Week 28 - -Complete-
Week 29 - xx_lotus_xx
Week 30 - regalblaze

If you would like to be a banner maker (we need some!!), please let either xx_lotus_xx or selene_moon know! :)

Our list has become so long that we had to move it! To see it, click here! You can also comment on that post if you're interested in affiliation with this community.