Kayt Kakalina (selene_moon) wrote in mahougirlstills,
Kayt Kakalina

Mod post - Pondering + co-mod needed

Hey guys, a couple of things:

1. The Lyrical challenge has been extended to the end of September, an easy date to remember. Please get you entries in!

2. Participation is really low. Everyone's including mine, so I'm really sorry about that. I know there's nothing I can do about real-life stuff, or a lack of icon-making motivation, but I was wondering if anything else is at fault here. Is it because of the off-and-on posts (as I seem to always forget to post reminders and stuff on time), or the themes, or what? I'd love to hear if there's something that's been bugging you.

3. Lo-chan and I agree: we are in need or another co-mod (and banner makers, while we're at it, although that's not as important). Both of us are busy with school and can't get on as often as we'd like.
As a co-mod, you'd switch off with me for the bi-weekly posting of challenges, reminders, voting, etc, so you're free to pick themes as you like. If you do it, you'll post the first challenge after this one.
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