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Kayt Kakalina

Week 33 results week 32 results, reminder, MOD POST

If nothing else, please read the bottom, un-cut notes.\

Week 32 Results
First friendshipbeam

Runners up:
2: selene_moon
3: friendshipbeam
Banner maker: regalblaze

Week 33 Results
First: regalblaze

Runners up
2, 3: mmrobitussin
4: animeneko_chan
Banner maker: selene_moon

We only have one entry for our Lyrical: The Magic Door challenge! Please get your entries in!

Now, mod notes. As is evident, I haven't been a very good mod lately. Both Lotus and I have practically been swallowed whole by school and real-life stuff, and cannot possibly keep this community going on a weekly basis. Some I'm changing the community rules a bit:
2 icons is going to be the norm, not the exception for a while.
Challenges will be changed so that they are bi-weekly, not weekly.
I sincerely apologize, I really hate not being able to keep to a strict weekly schedule, but I feel that this is the only way I can continue to mod the community and not let ya'll down, like I have for the past several challenges where I've posted themes, reminders, voting, and results late.
Please, feel free if you have anything you'd like to say. I feel severely out of touch with everyone.
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