Kayt Kakalina (selene_moon) wrote in mahougirlstills,
Kayt Kakalina

Week 31 Winners + New banner rotation

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ZOMG this is the second time I've ever won something xD;
Yaaay! *hugs all*
Okay... I'm confuzzled by the "1. regalblaze" comment. e__e; What's it supposed to mean?

(Oh, and I accidentally thought that this was my week, so I did your banner by mistake. You still want it? x3; )
Oh, sorry, I forgot to type the words "Runners Up." And the banner rotation, for that matter >_<

Sure! I don't make myself banners, so thanks!

Well, there you go. xD; Hope it actually looks somewhat like the icon..
It does - thanks so much! <333